Whether is question or issue about you, your kids, friends, other family members in any point of losing a direction of their progress in career, education, some research project or just not getting the right answer. Let us find these directions for you.



I have a solid background in educational research, specifically in program/ curriculum development, building conceptual frameworks, developing effective research questions and protocols, and qualitative education research techniques. In fact, I look at every day spent in a school, classroom, or educational activity as “action research” and have taken a research-oriented stance towards all of my work.

Wedding Officiating

Officiating weddings is an honor I stumbled into when a friend asked me to perform her ceremony in 2004. Since then I have performed five non-denominational weddings all over the U.S., and I will be performing my sixth in Cancun in October. I specialize in personalized, intimate wedding ceremonies in which the bride and groom are most able to express their own wants, needs, and feelings. Let me help you and your loved ones plan and perform an event that will stand out and will showcase the unique way you want your union to be known by those who witness your vows.

Professional Snowboard Instructing

I completed my Level II American Association of Snowboard Instructor exam in 1998. I have enjoyed eight years of teaching snowboarding at Copper Mountain and one at Beaver Creek. If you, your friends, or your child/ children are interested in learning how to snowboard or just to perfect your turns in a relaxed, confidence-building environment, please contact me directly so I can set up a private lesson for you through Beaver Creek Ski and Snowboard School. I have the flexibility to teach at any Vail or non-affiliate resort with advanced notice.

Addiction Recovery

There is an ever growing number of people who are battling drug and alcohol addiction. I work with some of the top addiction recovery centers such as The Recovery Village to help people overcome alcohol and drug addiction. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction please seek help to improve your quality of life. 

Alternative Settings

I have extensive background in a number of outdoor sports and other activities. Rock climbing, hiking, ice skating, golf, music, museums, and other non-school, non-home activities and settings are frequently great venues for reaching and working with children. These and other activities can be worked into whatever educational solutions we feel are a best fit for your child.


Related to number one today’s enemy, stress, can easily degrade person’s wellbeing, health, and quality of life. It affects a large number of people, with extremely distressing nightmares and many night waking, which cause serious chronic fatigue and irritation.We may help you identify what is bothering you and keeps you from having a good night and valuable rest.

Getting to know you

In my one-on-one work with students and families, I specialize in getting to know the student from a personal, child-centered perspective, building the trust necessary to develop a meaningful working relationship.
From there I work to discover the student’s motivators, goals, wishes, and dreams, as well as his or her academic strengths and challenges. Once we have developed rapport and had some direction, we can set tangible goals and work together to achieve them.
Not every personality type is suited for every kind of education and work. With discovering together person’s special skills and characteristics, better productivity will be made. Also, self-fulfillment in activity person will spend maybe the rest of their life is priceless.
I believe that parents are an integral part of every child’s educational progress and success. Parents are greatly valued in my work with students and contribute meaningfully to goal-setting, helping motivate the child, and giving us all direction and focus.

One Size Does Not Fit All

As the infants begin to interact with the world, we see their personality, with which they are born, emerging. Some are more confident, some more assertive and some outgoing and so on. Fact is each type needs a special way of nurturing and directing.
It is typical in my experience for parents and students to be frustrated by the “one size fits all” mentality that they find in their schools – one course of study; one way of teaching; one expected learning style; and one type of student product that is valued and rewarded. One alternative some families choose is to home-school their children – a great decision, but one that is also laden with complexities and challenges. When I work with families and students, it is to create a UNIQUE learning situation that will benefit the individual student best. Once we create that solution, we can work to make that solution fit into the school’s and state’s expectations. I am your educational advocate; I work to help you and your child navigate the waters of whatever school or school system you choose.


Anyone who is struggling with basic life challenges such as career, education, health, relationships can get help anytime with our professional and accessible counseling. The safe and private environment will make you more comfortable with sharing your issues which will always stay confidential.