To create education solutions and to advocate for parents, families, and students with a variety of unique goals, needs, and challenges within the arenas of public, private, home-school, and higher education. Most children’s, student’s and parents’ unique educational needs are overlooked among myriad policy issues such as standardized test scores, school performance ratings, funding, and other such concerns that just don’t seem to matter to most of us. I recently left the arena of public education to work with and advocate for those whom the system consistently fails: the parents and children who are the primary consumers of such services and systems. I know how schools work today and how, many times, schools, students, and families just don’t seem to be on the same page or to be able to find a common ground to meet individual educational needs best. Whether your child or student needs just a few short tutoring or time-management sessions, or s/he needs a more intense educational program structured just for him or her, I can provide additional support for his or her unique needs.

create education solutions

Every person responds to some counseling differently because every person is unique. Throughout the time, a huge number of different types of counseling have emerged. So when seeking for just a right kind, it may get you fell a little helpless and lost. It is important to consider it fits the needs of each person.

Let me help you and your family find solutions to these and other educational dilemmas and challenges. While those solutions will be unique to you, I understand that need for individualism, and for meeting needs in a personal, trusting, confidential way.

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Heather Boylan, MEd, PhD

President and CEO
Professional Educator and Educational Advocate

Providing professional tutoring and other customized education services for families, children, and students.

You may be asking questions like:

“Where can I find an experienced, professional tutor for my child?”

“Who can I talk to about my child’s educational goals?”

“Why don’t my child’s teachers seem to know and care about his/ her individual needs and dreams?” 

“How can I help my child realize outside of school goals while also succeeding in this rigid system?”

“Why do bureaucracy and red-tape color every interaction I have with my children’s school or district?”

“I want my child to succeed, and I have chosen home-schooling.  Is there someone who can help me understand state requirements and make sure my child is on track for success?”

If so, we need to talk.

One Size Does Not Fit All

The breadth and depth of my experience in the world of education enable me to offer a variety of professional education and educational advocacy services for families, children, and students of all education levels.  In all of my work, the emphasis is on YOU and YOUR educational needs.  Please click on the buttons to the right to find the services that best meet your needs.

Communication, trust, collaboration, and confidentiality are key components of every service I provide.

I have worked with families, children and young adults of all ages since 1991. After completing my BA in English in 1990, I decided to dedicate my career to my future students by pursuing a Master’s and eventually a Ph.D. in education. I have been a certified teacher since 1992 and am currently licensed to teach in the state of Colorado. I spent the last three and a half years of my career as a tenure-track professor at Metropolitan State College of Denver. At Metro I managed and designed curriculum for the Linguistically Diverse Teacher Education Program while also teaching education courses, conducting faculty and staff training, and advising students. I am the current President of the Colorado Association of Teacher Educators.

With my huge experience over many years, I have had the privilege to work with many issues and struggles which seemed to be helpless. I was happy I could change that. Through empathetic listening with a great level of patience and understanding, I learned together with my patient’s anything can be solved. Combining client centered and solution focused approach  I make each treatment plan unique and maximum adequate for client’s particular needs.